Ankara Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences (FABAD) was founded in 14.6.1966 with the aim of following the scientific studies and developments in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Dr. Enver was founded in Ankara under the Chairmanship of İzgü. Since this date, the management of the Association has changed from the Faculty of Pharmacy (Ankara University Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy and Hacettepe University Faculty of Pharmacy) in Ankara. At the Ordinary General Assembly Meetings held on different dates, decisions were taken to carry out the amendments to the Association which will carry the Association forward and capture the current day.

FABAD, with about 500 members, and today Turkey’s 50-year history has been operating as one of the fundamental Pharmaceutical Association. In addition to the various scientific and social activities of the Association, the most important activity is to publish the FABAD Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. The journal was first published in 1970 by F.B.A.D. The Bulletin has been published as İngilizce and since 2000 the magazine has been published in English as ”FABAD Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences bu three times a year.