Dear Members,

After the election held at the General Assembly of the Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Ankara (FABAD) on 24.03.2023, our board of directors started to work. As the 26th term Chairman of the Board of Directors of our Association on the 100th anniversary of the establishment of our Republic, I am happy and proud to meet you. Taking this opportunity, I would like to commemorate the esteemed Presidents and Members of the Board of Directors, who have served our association voluntarily from past to present and successfully represented our association with gratitude, love, and respect, and would like to thank them for their leadership and selfless efforts.

As you all know, the Ankara Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences (FABAD) is the oldest Pharmacy Association, which was established in 1966 to monitor and announce the scientific studies and developments in the field of Pharmacy in the world and in our country, to introduce and strengthen the scientific aspect of the profession, and continues its activities with the excitement of the first day. One of the most important academic activities of our association is our journal, which started to be published under the name of “Bulletin of the Ankara Pharmaceutical Sciences Association” in 1969 and continued to be published under the name of “FABAD Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences” since 1981 and is included in well-known national and international indexes. I want to take this opportunity to thank our editors and their assistants, who have been working since the publication of our journal, for their determined and devoted work. Our association will continue to support the FABAD Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences to increase its international recognition and high-quality scientific publication flow.

As the Board of Directors, we invite you to become an active member and attend the conference events that our association will present on scientific, intellectual, and current issues, and follow our association’s page, which will offer several informative resources that can undoubtedly support you in your quest to learn more about pharmacy-related activities. You can always contact us about the topics that interest you and want to learn from a scientific point of view.

I would like to thank our esteemed members for their interest in our association and our journal and I wish you a successful term on behalf of our board of directors.



President of FABAD

President: Prof. Dr. Sevgi Akaydın

2. President: Doç. Dr. Aysun Hacisevki

General Secretary: Doç. Dr. Fatma Sezer Şenol Deniz

Treasurer: Dr. Eda Gökbulut

Member: Doç. Dr. Fatma Sezer Şenol Deniz

Member: Dr. Ögr. Üyesi Melike Hacer Özkan

Member: Dr. Öğr. Gör. Burcu Kelleci Çakır

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